Comparison of health wearables

With so many activity and fitness trackers on the market what makes the Helo LX so different? They pretty much all do the same thing right? Here in the following table we can see the different features.

Health wearables

You can see above the Helo LX smashes the competition combining all the features of the usual activity as well as the algortithms that come with the Helo LX.

There has always been very similar features on the big guns in theis market and not only has the Helo LX taken technology to the next level for your own vitals but now also through the Helo or Heka app you have the ability to check on your own family and make sure your loved ones are okay as well as the SOS function.

Imagine being notified instantly when a loved one is in trouble with our 2-click panic alarm this can literally save people from waiting hours before getting help, being injured or worse!

Competitively priced against others on the market but much more amazing features you can be sure that Helo LX has taken wearable technology to the next level.

*Features under development and therefore yet to be added

What is a wearable device?

An early wearable device in the digital watch

Definition РWhat does Wearable Device mean?

A wearable device is a technology that is worn on the human body. This type of device has become a more common part of the tech world as companies have started to evolve more types of devices that are small enough to wear and that include powerful sensor technologies that can collect and deliver information about their surroundings.

Wearable devices are also known as wearable gadgets, wearable technology or simply wearables.


An early Bluetooth headset

A wearable device is often used for tracking a user’s vital signs or pieces of data related to health and fitness, location or even his/her biofeedback indicating emotions. Wearable device models may rely on short-range wireless systems such as Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi setups.

Examples of wearable devices include various types of computerised wristwatches such as the Helo LX, Apple iWatch, fitness tracking devices and the revolutionary Google Glass, the first device of its kind to be embedded in a pair of glasses. Some issues around wearable devices include privacy, the extent to which they change social interactions, how users look when wearing them and various issues with user-friendly design.

google glass
The more recent Google Glass