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My Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Twitter profiles you should follow

Are you looking at getting into affiliate marketing or perhaps you are already involved in some aspect but are struggling for tips on how to further your success. There is an ocean of information available for how to do affiliate marketing, but there are not a lot of affiliate trainers who are as top notch for info and learning as the 10 on my list here. Now they are known to prefer being called lifestyle business entrepreneurs and not so much affiliate marketers but we are looking at the same area of expertise.

They are a wealth of knowledge and experience and not least successful in their own niches. Each with their own fantastic blog to follow and even more information away from their daily tweet tips they are a fountain of knowledge for us at the bottom of the ladder. So her they are in no particular order:

1) John Chow

A powerhouse of affiliate marketing, John has been around long enough to see all ups and downs in the business. He took his blog from making zero to over $40,000 per month in just 2 years. His blog takes you through all aspects such as like outsourcing and how to get more traffic.

He has almost 100k followers on Twitter so go check him out and follow here.

2) Darren Rowse

Darren runs the essential site ProBlogger.com, check it out here. In his blog he teaches people how to make money blogging. He’s written several great books on the subject, including how to radically improve your blog in 30 days. Trust me check out this book. There’s a lot of focus on how to post better content, then developing an audience, and then selling to them.

He has almost 250k followers on Twitter so go check him out and follow him here.

3) Larry Wentz

Larry Wentz must be one of the most followed affiliate marketers on Twitter. If you are looking for motivation then Larry is the man to follow. He also has an email marketing company e-mailprogram.com. If that’s the way you want to take your business. Well worth a look.

He has almost 900k followers on Twitter so go check him out and follow here.

4) Jeremy Schoemaker

Jeremy is the founder of Shoemoney. He has been around for so long and helped so many that I couldn’t possibly leave him off this list. People may say he is a little brash and his approach is not for everyone, but he is at least killing it and making money and I mean serious money from affiliate marketing. He’s also top drawer when it comes to email marketing.

With almost 150k followers you need to go check him out and follow here.

5) Rosalind Gardner

Rosalind is one of the best known names in affiliate marketing and author of “Make a Fortune Promoting Other People’s Stuff Online: How Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Rich”. If you have not read this book then go and get it now. Do not wait for it to come in the mail. Buy the Kindle version and start reading today. She truly is one of the best in affiliate marketing. She was one of the first people to really make a living doing actual, legitimate content-driven affiliate marketing. Rosalind was actually an air traffic controller before she went into affiliate marketing, so she knows a lot about traffic. She also has her blog you can have a look at where she will take you through how to pitch, what mistakes you are making etc.. definitely worth a look.

Rosalind has a modest 18k followers. Go and have a look and follow her here.

6) Lynn Terry

Lynn is an internet marketer and has been working online for 20 years and her experience shows in her amazing blog. She actually quit her boring job way back in 1996. As well as being a super affiliate she is also an International speaker. In May 2003 she received Best of Success Award at Total Life Success. She is also a contributing author for a #1 Best-Seller titled Wake Up… Live the Life You Love!

Lynn has 33k followers. Go check her out and follow here.

7) Geno Prussakov

Mr Prussakov is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, acclaimed author with among others his book Quick Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing, international speaker, award-winning affiliate blogger with AM Navigator and he also has his own affiliate managing agency. He has won countless awards with his most recent being one of the world’s Top 100 marketing influencers of 2016.

Geno has over 15k followers and you can follow him here.

8) Amy Porterfield

Amy is and entrepreneur who started off the exact same way as you and I did. She had her struggles from the start but determined not to be a “yes girl” anymore she pushed herself to the limits to be a success. Now onto multiple 7 figure revenues and over 250,000 subscribers to her website she  is an exert in podcasts and teaches a lot of basic stuff like how to grow your email list and how to choose the most perfect and profitable webinar topic. Her site gives out free cheat sheets on such things.

Amy has over 150k followers on Twitter. Go check her out and follow her here.

9) Missy Ward

Missy has been in affiliate marketing since 1999. She is an author with numerous books, her latest being “Make Money With Your WordPress Blog“ As well as her own blog she has other niche affiliate sites such as  EasyGlutenFree.recipes and SpecialNeedsGifts.co to name a few. In 2003 she founded the Affiliate Summit Corporation with her business partner Shawn Collins on a $400 investment.

Missy has over 30k followers on Twitter. You can follow her here.

10) Shawn Collins

Shawn Collins is the guy behind AffiliateTip.com, a well-trafficked and well-regarded blog. He’s also one of the co-founders of The Affiliate Summit with the as before mentioned Missy Ward. You can’t get too deep into affiliate marketing to not run into his name and his work. He is also behind several books such as  Extra Money AnswerAffiliate Manager Boot Camp: Recruiting, Educating, Retaining Affiliates and ‘Successful Affiliate Marketing for Merchants‘  which is widely regarded as the best selling book in his space.

Shawn has a modest 3k followers on Twitter but his involvement in The affiliate summit and his books which are my main reason to follow him. He is a fountain of experience and knowledge so follow him here.

As a little bonus i recommend you also follow Affiliate Summit on Twitter too.

So this is my top 10 and this is just my own personal opinion so maybe you have others you would prefer. I could read there books all day long and am a constant follower of there blogs. So go ahead and follow and follow these people on Twitter now as I promise you if you are struggling in affiliate marketing or even getting your blog up and running these guys will pull you through.

Have a lovely Sunday







Easter is over. Now back to work!!

So did we all have a good time at easter? Tell you truth.  Are you now fat as hell and regretting not working more on your affiliate marketing or MLM business?

I know I am regretting it. All that possible income is now gone and for what? Chocolate eggs and a relaxing time. Who needs that? You can relax when you are a millionaire and don’t have to think “shit” back to work tomorrow” when you are going back on the Tuesday after Easter Monday.

Never mind. The worse thing you can do is dwell on it so forget it and get your ass in gear for the rest of 2018.

There is billions of dollars to be made out there on the World Wide Web now go out and do it.

I am going to leave you with this little link to give you an idea to start if you are struggling to find the right thing to get into. Cehck it out here.



The Great Affiliate Marketing Hoax?


It sucks.

You check your affiliate stats every day and there, staring you in the face like a taunting wide-mouthed demon is the figure we all dread;



It doesn’t take long until you start questioning the whole premise of affiliate marketing;

Will this ever work?

Have I wasted all my time setting all this stuff up?

Why can’t I make any money at this?

What am I missing?

I know a few burned people who actually believe the whole thing is a hoax.

Well I’m hear to tell you that while it’s not always easy – it is definitely not a hoax either.

The difficulty lies in trying to adopt out-dated, “me-too” methods which the market is immune to.

Your affiliate marketing methods are like white noise to most prospects.

They’re ignoring you.

And it hurts.

The solution is to do something new, something different and something which will get you noticed, get you clicks and get you sales.

They call it The Commission Machine and when you grab it through the special link below you’ll get a huge discount.



What never to do in internet marketing

If you’re doing any of these no-nos then you’re on a collision course with failure.

Just sayin’.

So let’s get stuck into them…

#1. Hanging out on Forums

Trolls. Wannabes. Fakers.

It’s a big, fat waste of time. If you’re looking for free information go grab a job and save up to buy the real stuff.

If you’re selling a product – stick it on your own domain to avoid the forum BMWs (bitchers, moaners and whingers).

Need I say more?

#2. Hanging out on Facebook

Any more than fifteen minutes a day and you’re in deep doo-doo.

I’m not talking about personal Facebook on personal time.

I’m talking about frittering away valuable business hours on the black hole which is – the dreaded Facebook Newsfeed of doom.

Facebook Likes don’t pay the bills.

(Nor do dancing cat videos or pictures of Patrick Stewart)

#3. Over-Learning

If you’re spending more than 10% of your time learning stuff you’ve got it wrong.


You need to learning new stuff but too much learning and you get hooked.

You get addicted to the education merrygoround and start confusing that warm fuzzy feeling with earning.

Learning is not earning.

Don’t spend all your time in internet marketing school.

You need to graduate into the real world and start applying what you know.

#4. Consuming Instead of Creating

Don’t get me wrong.

You still need to consume – you need to learn things. But all in moderation.

All the leading marketers I know are great consumers.

But first and foremost they are great creators.

So consume then create.

The more things you create (websites, content, products) the more cash you will have coming in.

#5. Thinking You Can Succeed Without a Website

You can’t.

Having your own website is where it all starts.

And it’s easier than you think.

You can stop learning and start earning today.

You can graduate from the forums and Facebook and finally start creating.

In fact, you can have your own website up and running and ready to make sales for you in just 60 minutes by clicking the link in the comments.