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The Great Affiliate Marketing Hoax?


It sucks.

You check your affiliate stats every day and there, staring you in the face like a taunting wide-mouthed demon is the figure we all dread;



It doesn’t take long until you start questioning the whole premise of affiliate marketing;

Will this ever work?

Have I wasted all my time setting all this stuff up?

Why can’t I make any money at this?

What am I missing?

I know a few burned people who actually believe the whole thing is a hoax.

Well I’m hear to tell you that while it’s not always easy – it is definitely not a hoax either.

The difficulty lies in trying to adopt out-dated, “me-too” methods which the market is immune to.

Your affiliate marketing methods are like white noise to most prospects.

They’re ignoring you.

And it hurts.

The solution is to do something new, something different and something which will get you noticed, get you clicks and get you sales.

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What never to do in internet marketing

If you’re doing any of these no-nos then you’re on a collision course with failure.

Just sayin’.

So let’s get stuck into them…

#1. Hanging out on Forums

Trolls. Wannabes. Fakers.

It’s a big, fat waste of time. If you’re looking for free information go grab a job and save up to buy the real stuff.

If you’re selling a product – stick it on your own domain to avoid the forum BMWs (bitchers, moaners and whingers).

Need I say more?

#2. Hanging out on Facebook

Any more than fifteen minutes a day and you’re in deep doo-doo.

I’m not talking about personal Facebook on personal time.

I’m talking about frittering away valuable business hours on the black hole which is – the dreaded Facebook Newsfeed of doom.

Facebook Likes don’t pay the bills.

(Nor do dancing cat videos or pictures of Patrick Stewart)

#3. Over-Learning

If you’re spending more than 10% of your time learning stuff you’ve got it wrong.


You need to learning new stuff but too much learning and you get hooked.

You get addicted to the education merrygoround and start confusing that warm fuzzy feeling with earning.

Learning is not earning.

Don’t spend all your time in internet marketing school.

You need to graduate into the real world and start applying what you know.

#4. Consuming Instead of Creating

Don’t get me wrong.

You still need to consume – you need to learn things. But all in moderation.

All the leading marketers I know are great consumers.

But first and foremost they are great creators.

So consume then create.

The more things you create (websites, content, products) the more cash you will have coming in.

#5. Thinking You Can Succeed Without a Website

You can’t.

Having your own website is where it all starts.

And it’s easier than you think.

You can stop learning and start earning today.

You can graduate from the forums and Facebook and finally start creating.

In fact, you can have your own website up and running and ready to make sales for you in just 60 minutes by clicking the link in the comments.


MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or Affiliate Marketing

MLM or Affiliate Marketing? Are you asking yourself “Where should I start?”

Are you looking at getting into online marketing and a re wondering where to go, what niche to get into or maybe you have heard phrases like Multi Level Marketing or Affiliate Marketing.

Well there is a difference, a huge difference actually. In this post I shall be explaining what the differences are. All it takes is for yourself you find out what you feel would suit you most.

Multi-Level Marketing is exactly what it says. Marketing on various levels. You have the top brass at the top and the floor workers at the bottom. Every organisation has soem kind of MLM in it. Unfortunately when it comes to MLM in direct sales it gets stamped with the word Pyramid Scheme. Again I will mention that all organisations look like a Pyramid Scheme. Boss man at the top and grunts at the bottom doing all the hard work for buttons but the boss is raking it in. If you look at the following illustration you will see what is meant here.


Basically, it’s the kind of business in which marketing seems to be invisible. It doesn’t include TV commercials or billboards. Products sold via multi-level marketing can’t be found in shops as well. Their promotion is carried mainly by word of mouth via representatives of the company.

It’s a strategy used by many pharmaceutical firms. They sign contracts with various physicians or physiotherapists who recommend their supplements to patients. And patients can purchase these goods only from distributors.

This kind of marketing allows distributors to build their own selling networks, It means that every seller can build his own structure of traders in which everyone is paid in accordance with the company compensation plan. At the same time representatives can make some extra money.

It is also worth mentioning that like normal everyday companies shit rolls downhill so when it comes down to the nitty gritty and the shit hits the fan it is the grunts at the bottom who get shat on from above.


There is nothing wrong with MLM and people saying it is a pyramid scheme are just imbeciles who have no idea what they are talking about and are just jealous or enjoy causing others problems for no reason at all.

aff or mlm.PNG


Affiliate Marketing is a business deal which involves 3 parties Merchants (Owners of products), Publishers (affiliates) and the customer. It takes place when affiliates get provision for promoting merchants’ products and services. It’s a good way to earn additional money for bloggers and influencers. For example, they may write reviews of products and publish them on their sites. They get their own unique ID which tracks all the traffic they send to merchants website. When visitors perform a desired action on merchants’ sites (subscribing, buying, signing up for a newsletter, etc.) affiliates get a commission.

It is as simple as this. You join up, promote and then earn. Now that all seemed very easy but it is not. Like all other ways of making money it takes hard work and dedication to earn in affiliate marketing. Nothing happens overnight and you also should have a good network to get you started.

aff marketing2.PNG

Affiliates may openly admit that they are promoting products, however, if they don’t want to reveal this information, they actually have a right to do so. It is up to you to judge how much more you want to know from a person who does not want to tell you anymore. We are all adults here and have to make our own choices.

Unlike MLM, affiliate marketing is just the sale of one product to one person. Sales and commissions come from this one transaction or perhaps in soem cases there is a monthly subscription and then a commission comes from this too. There is no recruiting in affiliate marketing or at least there should not be.

aff marketing3.PNG

Make your own decisions and always do your due diligence. Find your niche and learn everything there is to learn but not least do not expect to be able to fire your boss overnight as it’s not going to happen. Me, personally have been involved in MLM before and I loved it but there just always seemed to be too many people over me making a lot more money than I was nomatter how well I was doing.

Anything from $25 to $1000 from one single sale was much more appealing than sitting waiting on a percent of the next sale from my downline. If you are interested in giving it a try click here.

Be good to yourself and don’t listen to the haters who tell you that you are doing soemthing wrong or illegal. Maybe even you have been told you are in a pyramid scheme. Total BS and just unfriend them. Do you need people like that in your life? I know I don’t.

Have an awesome day.