Welcome to stuartmackle.com.

My name is Stuart Mackle. I am 43 years old and run and online marketing business alongside my day job. I find the online marketing business fascinating and I love to help others make money online too either if it is a full income or just if they are looking for a little extra cash.

On this blog I am here to share my experiences with you. This is not financial advice of any kind. I will be sharing my opinions on affiliate marketing and what’s working for me in the affiliate marketing business. I am also a little involved in Cryptocurrency and this is something I find very interesting and although this is just a hobby I shall be sharing my opinions here too but again this will not be financial advice.

My main niche for now is Affiliate Marketing and this will be mostly what I am all about.

My Instagram feed shows a little of my private life. I love my family, my dogs and my interests in my freetime however little of that I have are traveling and hiking in the beautiful Norwgian Mountains.

Feel free to follow my blog. I am also mainly on Facebook but can be found on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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