Freedom for life

Ok, To start with this is not any kind of BS here. Too many people on social media groups looking to make you a part of their team so they you can make a ton of money and in the process 
I am involved in two fantastic projects and I am looking for people who are basically looking for the same thing as myself. I have worked 9 to 5 all of my life and have had enough.
As we speak I am on my way to the freedom i crave so that I can spend more time with my family and decide myself what I can do everyday and not an employer. Is that not what you are looking for? Ask anybody what they would want most in life and 95% would say they would prefer more time with their family
I am not saying we are going to be multi millionaires. That is just 100% BS saying that from the off. What i am looking for are sparring partners either in the MLM/ network marketing industry or looking to join who are looking for the same as most people are even though they will not admit it. 

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